Workshop on “How to Become a DEV” 2023

PHCET > IT Seminars & Workshops > Workshop on “How to Become a DEV” 2023
Date9th October, 2023
VenueClassroom B-505
Resource PersonMs. Prachi Sorte, Assistant Professor, IT Department,
Mr. Yash Dhadve, Student, TE IT
Faculty CoordinatorMs. Prachi Sorte
DepartmentInformation Technology
Event Objective

  • Helping students getting familiar with tech circles
  • Making students familiar with basics of programming
  • Helping students in choosing what technologies to learn

Event Outcome

  • Students understood basics of programming and can write basic programs
  • Students were able to make a choice of technology of their interest.
  • They also learned to use version control system GIT and manage their code
    Overall enthusiasm in students increased for technology
  • Students also found mentorship programs to be great opportunity for them to grow


  • What is open source?
  • Understand perspective of open source
  • What to learn as an absolute beginner and what programming language to choose?
  • Basis of any language (variables, if else, loops, functions)
  • Solving DSA problem on Code chef
  • Choosing a technology for development (java, mern, kotlin, …)
  • Resources to learn new technologies
  • Basics projects to get started with
  • Learning how to use Git for version control
  • Pep talk about Mentorship programs like Gsoc, MLH and hacktober FestSources of E-waste