Workshop on “Basic of Electronics”

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The Electrical Engineering Department, PHCET Rasayani organized a one-day workshop on the “Basics of Electronics”. This workshop was designed specifically for SE and TE Electrical engineering students.

4th October, 2023
Electrical Workshop Lab
Prof. Narendra Dhande
Electrical Engineering

The workshop provided participants with a deeper understanding of fundamental electronic principles. They gained insight into how electronic circuits work, the roles of various components, and how these components are interconnected.

Attendees became familiar with key electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, optoelectronics and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Through hands-on practice, participants honed their practical skills in using electronic components effectively within circuits. This practical experience reinforced their theoretical knowledge and prepared them for real-world applications. At the end of the session, students were allowed to visit PCB lab to witness the practical aspects of electronic circuit design, fabrication, and testing.

Prof. Narendra Dhande’s expert guidance bridged the gap between theory and practical. Participants benefited from his theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations, gaining a holistic view of electronics.

The positive feedback and satisfaction expressed by participants indicate that the workshop boosted their confidence in working with electronic components and circuits. They left the workshop feeling more capable and prepared for future electronic projects.