Workshop on “Antenna Design using HFSS and CST Software”

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Workshop on Antenna Design using HFSS and CST Software conducted under IETE chapter of Dept. of EXTC, PHCET

Department of EXTC Engineering conducted online workshop on “Antenna Design using HFSS and CST Software” under IETE ISF on 14th April, 2020. It was targeted for third year students of EXTC department and was organised using Zoom App.

One of the major challenges faced by the students learning Electromagnetics and Wave Theory course at the graduate level in Electronics and Communications Engineering is perhaps how to visualize Electromagnetic Wave Theory Concepts and translate them into Antenna & Microwave Designs. The primary objective of the proposed workshop was to enhance the effectiveness of teaching the subject through a series of hands on illustrative experiments bridging the theoretical concepts to the industry relevant practices. The program focussed on key concepts in Electromagnetism with application to Modern Antenna and RF System Design. It covered basic principles of Electromagnetics from Gauss Law, Ampere’s law up to Maxwell Equations and various CEM solvers like FEM, MOM, FDTD, PO and design of Antennas, Arrays, Metamaterials and RF systems.

Complete simulation process was explained to students. Special antennas like Microstrip patch antennas, Filters, Helical antennas were explained along with design constraints. 31 students participated in this event. Session was conducted by subject teacher, Mr. Pratik Mhatre. Student found the session very useful and interesting.