Webinar on “Solar Air Conditioning”

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The ISHRAE Student Chapter Committee organized a Webinar on topic “Solar Air Conditioning” on 16th September, 2020

Resource Person


16th September, 2020
Dr. R. Sarvanan (Prof, R & AC department, CEG Anna University, Vice president ISHRAE Head Quarters)
Mr. Datta Wakshe
Mechanical Engineering

He is the wellspring of knowledge, with over 25 years of experience in the field of energy conservation in building solar heating cooling system and combined power. Holds a PhD in Solar cooling from IIT Madras.

The discussion summarizes recent research on improving AC efficiency with solar energy. They include absorption, evaporation, and desiccant plants (advanced AC plants). This chapter describes their technology and parts. It also examines the use of solar energy for air cooling, especially in rural areas where electricity is scarce, as well as lowering energy prices and pollution. At the end of the chapter, solar AC systems are compared to regular AC systems in terms of design, cost, and effectiveness.

Later on there was a small Q n A session for all the members to clear their doubts. As expected the speaker provided proper information about the subject which help the students to explore the solar air conditioning.