Seminar on “Further Studies in Abroad”

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  • To make aware all TE/BE students about various opportunities abroad for further studies.
  • To make aware of aptitude & various competitive exams test.

Course Content / Description:

  • Brief discussion regarding competitive exams such as GATE/GRE.
  • Discussion regarding time and risk management.
  • Awareness among students regarding corporate world, difficulties and challenges in corporate culture.
Further Studies Abroad
TE/BE Students
Mrs. Sanika Shinde
25th July, 2023
Conclave 1, PHCET

Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (PHCET), Rasayani conducted an educational talk on, “Seminar on Further Studies in Abroad”, in collaboration with IMFS whose speaker was Mrs. Sanika Shinde. IMFS, a prominent organization specializing in overseas education and career opportunities, conducted the event, providing crucial information on pursuing higher education and professional growth in foreign countries. The speaker highlighted exciting career prospects in Australia, USA, Canada, and UK for engineering graduates. The seminar emphasized the importance of exams like GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) and GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) for studying abroad. Students gained valuable insights into the academic excellence and post-graduation opportunities offered by universities in these countries. The event inspired attendees to consider international education as a transformative path to success and personal growth. During the seminar, it was revealed that IMFS had effectively trained and facilitated the journey of 57,000 students to various countries in the past. This remarkable track record further emphasized IMFS’s expertise and credibility in guiding students towards achieving their study abroad aspirations. In the end, a Q & A session was conducted, allowing students to seek answers to their inquiries. Ma’am expertly addressed their concerns and provided significant guidance regarding the requirements and responsibilities associated with studying abroad. The webinar proved to be a resounding success, delivering essential information that students needed to make well-informed decisions about their future endeavours