Seminar on “Career Opportunities in Green Hydrogen Sector”

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Mrs. Rachana Dighe is founder and Director of UTPNN Group of Companies. UTPNN GREENTECH is an emerging company into the business of Green Hydrogen production, Hydrogen Refueling Station and Renewable Energy Plant Engineering Procurement and construction. Mrs. Rachana Dighe has vast corporate experience in the hydrogen energy field.

Date and Time
Resource Person
18th April, 2023, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Mrs. Rachana Dighe, Founder and Director UTPNN Group of Companies
Mr. Sunil Singh Rajput
Mechanical Engineering

Total 58 students and faculty participated in the session. The expert commenced the session by explaining the need of green energy sources, current trends in the energy field and current energy production by using hydrogen. She explained our students’ insights about how hydrogen energy has potential to fulfill energy demands of our country.

The expert explained to students about emerging opportunities in the renewable energy sector and particularly in energy production by hydrogen. Experts also explained applications of hydrogen energy, its rising potential and challenges in front of industry.
She also told what are all necessary skills one should have to begin with his or her career in this field. She also explored how students can gain those skills in quick time and can be ready professionals to get job opportunities in the Green Hydrogen Energy Sector, along with possible growth opportunities in future.

The main objective of the seminar was to make students aware about different career opportunities available, skills needed to work in this field, which participants understood by end of the session.

The session ended with a Question Answer session and finally a vote of thanks by Dr. G. V. Patil, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.