Seminar on “Career Opportunities in Cyber Security”

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Department of Electronics and Computer Science had organized a “Seminar on “Career Opportunities in Cyber security” on 29th February 2024.



29th February, 2024
Mr. Neeraj Kumar, CEO, Technoriya Pvt. Ltd,
Dr. Mansi Subhedar, HoD, Department of ECS
Conclave: I

The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Neeraj Kumar, the CEO of Technoriya Pvt. Ltd., a leading cyber security firm. Mr. Kumar shared valuable insights into the growing demand for cyber security professionals in the industry. He highlighted the diverse career paths available and emphasized the importance of continuous learning in this rapidly evolving field. Students gained a comprehensive understanding of the skills and certifications required to excel in cyber security roles.

Later, Dr. Mansi Subhedar, the Head of the department, delivered a talk on safer internet. Dr. Subhedar emphasized the need for responsible online behavior and discussed strategies for protecting personal and professional information in the digital era. She covered topics such as phishing awareness, cyber-attacks, digital forensic, password security, and the significance of keeping software up to date.

The event proved to be an enlightening experience for students, offering them a glimpse into the promising career opportunities in cyber security and instilling a sense of responsibility towards ensuring a safer digital environment. The department remains committed to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in the ever-expanding field of cyber security.