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Date7th February, 2024
Resource PersonMr. Bhavesh Joshi
Faculty CoordinatorProf. Abhijeet More & Prof. Srijita Bhattacharjee
DepartmentComputer Engineering
Event ObjectiveProvide valuable insights into study abroad test preparation and admission counseling, particularly focusing on achieving high scores in GMAT and GRE examinations.
Event OutcomeEvent provided a platform for students to gain valuable knowledge and insights into study abroad test preparation.

The event, organized in collaboration with Jamboree Education, aimed to provide valuable insights into study abroad test preparation and admission counseling. It was a collaborative effort between the Department of Computer Engineering and Jamboree Education.

The event witnessed active participation from students, and members of the organizing committee. The presence of esteemed guests including Head of Department Prof. Rohini Bhosale, Principal Dr. J.W Bakal, and Team Jamboree added significant value to the event.

Mr. Bhavesh Joshi, an expert in study abroad test preparation, served as the keynote speaker for the event. His insightful presentation shed light on the strategies and techniques to excel in GMAT and GRE examinations, offering valuable guidance to the attendees. Overall, the event proved to be highly informative and beneficial for all attendees.