Internet of Things Project Exhibition Report on “Imagine Implement & Innovate 2023”

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Date: 17th October, 2023
Department: Information Technology

IoT Project exhibition & competition is the effort aimed project-based learning among students and aims at providing hands-on experience to various technical aspects of internet of things and engineering problems which will enable students to develop creative thinking and innovation in bringing up better engineering solutions and improves the depth of understanding of engineering concepts. The Department of Information Technology conducted the Mini Project Exhibition -“Imagine Implement & Innovate 2023” for the Final Year students on 17 October, 2023in Project lab. Head of the department Dr. Divya Chirayil and The judges are invited from other departments to assess the projects and the best 3 projects will be awarded. Such events are conducted to improve the creativity, communication, problem solving and teamwork skills of the students. Total 18 teams competed and the best three were selected. The projects were in the field of Wireless communication, Iot Based Control Applications, Automation, RFID based applications, Smart Agricultures etc. Dr. Divya Chirayil addressed students on the importance of conducting such events briefed over the importance of innovative projects. She also appreciated and motivated students for participating in technical events and competitions like avishkar etc. The students were motivated to conduct this exhibition during their IoE practical session which is the part of their curriculum for the current semester. The faculty in charge Prof. Trapti Soni and Prof. Rupali Sathe for the subject and students organized and participated in this programme very enthusiastically giving working models of where and how IoT can be used in our day today life.

Course outcomes of Exhibition:

  • Participants will Identify the requirements for the real world problems.
  • Participants will Conduct a survey of several available literatures in the preferred field of study.
  • Participants will Study and enhance software/ hardware skills.
  • Participants will Demonstrate and build the project successfully by hardware/sensor requirements, coding, emulating and testing.
  • Participants will be able to report and present the findings of the study conducted in the preferred domain
  • Participants will Demonstrate an ability to work in teams and manage the conduct of the research study