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Electrical department has organized an Industrial Visit to MSEDCL fully Automatic NABL Meter testing lab at Bhandup for B.E. Electrical student.

8th March, 2018
Ms. Pranita Chavan, Mr. Aamir Shaikh
Electrical Engineering

Kotnis Sir Executive Engineer Mr. Raut Sir, Assistant Executive Engineer Mr. Bharat Kadam are guided to the students. Mr. Raut sir has given brief idea about the purpose of lab and what are the different test performed on meter. Mr. Bharat Kadam has first explained theoretical concept on how energy is measured, what are the different types of energy meters, advancement in digital energy meter, so accurately energy and different parameters are measured, different is Standards for Testing Meter.

13779 students are demonstrated with how testing of meter is done on microprocessor based testing bench. Different test on meters like storing current test, no load current test, accuracy test, repeatability etc. And the standard condition like temperature, humidity under which test are carried out.

Apart from this students are explained different type of CT for LT & HT and various test performed on it with demonstration student got opportunity to learn new technology.

MSEDCL fully automatic energy meter testing meter laboratory is accredited by National Accreditation Board for testing board calibration, New Delhi for testing Energy meter, the lab is equipped with free automatic energy meter testing bench and 0.02 accuracy is used for various test of energy meter as per IEC / IS. On the basis of test result, it is possible to take appropriate saction of respective authorities.

The laboratory also undertake the testing of portable zero (REF.sub.STD.METER) and accuchecks of MSEDCL, private firm, industries. The different meter tested is 3ph meter, ABT meter, LT CTOP meter.