Industrial Visit to L&T Switchgear Training Centre

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Date: 22nd March, 2023
Venue: L&T Switchgear Training Centre, MIDC Bhosari, Pune
Co-ordinators: Prof. Pranita Chavan, Prof. Aamir Shaikh and Prof. Supriya Shigwan
Department: Electrical Engineering

An Industrial visit to “L&T Switchgear Training Centre T-156/157, MIDC Bhosari, Pune” was organized by the Electrical Engineering Department of PHCET on Monday, 22nd March, 2023. 67 Electrical Engineering students along with three Staff Members Prof. Pranita Chavan (HOD), Prof. Aamir Shaikh (Faculty) and Prof. Supriya Shigwan (Faculty) visited to L&T Switchgear Training Centre to interact with the Low Voltage to understand current market scenarios, latest most-demanding technologies & criteria for selection etc. In this visit students were very eagerly waiting for listening to industrial higher authorities. In the Morning at 10:00 p.m. we visited to Switchgear Training Centre. Students were divided in two batch and each was managed for the visit and the interaction with the industry person. The Technical Head of Switchgear Training Centre conducted very informative session for the students. Also he motivated to the students to select their domain and area of interest. He also guided the students to about the Electrical System, Machines, Switchgear Protection, testing etc. and its importance in the current scenario. He also guided on LV Switchgear equipments with their working technology. Finally he gave a brief introduction of Switchgear Training Centre of Pune to the students.

The main purpose of this visit was to get students familiar with basic LV Switchgear equipments and to gain general and operational knowledge about their role and usage electric power transmission and distribution system. We were to be made familiar with equipments like Contactor, Thermal Relay, HRC Fuse, Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), Overload Relay (OLR) MCCB, MCB, RCCB, ELCB. The basic objective of having industrial visit is for studying various aspects related with different Industrial Units. The different techniques and methods being used in industries are studied in order to gain wide outlook concerning Industrial activities and facilities for that Purpose. With an aim to go beyond books and academics, Industrial Visit provides a practical Knowledge on the world of work.

Industrial Visit to L&T Switchgear Training Centre gave student a clear Insight, Observation and Importance of LV Switchgear Equipments in the Power System. Both batches were successfully able to grasp practical knowledge on how exactly a LV Switchgear functions. They were successfully able to understand the working of all the mentioned equipment, everything from how they are installed, how they are monitored and maintained.