Industrial Visit to HVDC Terminal Station, MSETCL, Padghe 2023

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The Electrical Engineering Department organized an industrial visit for the BE Electrical students to HVDC Terminal Station, MSETCL, Padghe.

11th September, 2023
HVDC Terminal Station, MSETCL, Padghe
Prof. Sangeetha Rajagopal., Prof. Narendra Dhande
Electrical Engineering

The Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) built a 1,500 MW HVDC link between the cities of Chandrapur and Padghe (Near Mumbai) – the first HVDC transmission link to Mumbai. The converter terminals were constructed by ABB (Sweden and India) and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) of India. The 500 kV Chandrapur – Padghe HVDC Bipole feeds Mumbai on the west coast with 1,500 MW from a thermal power generation plant located near Chandrapur in the eastern part of Maharashtra State 752 km away. The link helps to stabilize the Maharashtra grid, increasing power flow on the existing 400 kV AC lines while minimizing total line losses.

500 KV HVDC Padghe Plant Specification:

Commissioning Year 1999
Power Rating 1,500 MW
No. of Poles 2
AC Voltage 400 kV (Both Ends)
DC Voltage ±500 kV
Length of Overhead DC Line 752 km
Main Reason for Choosing HVDC Long Distance, Network Stability, Environmental Concerns
Application Connecting Remote Generation

This visit was fruitful for students to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge.

Outcome of the visit

  • Students got the basic idea about Transmission Line Power Flow, Convert DC to AC, Thyristor Bank, DC and AC Switchyard Operation, Electrode Station, PLCC and SCADA System Operation, etc.
  • Students got information about how to transmit power from Chandrapur and Padghe HVDC Terminal Station.
  • Students observed the whole working process of Conversion of DC to AC.
  • Student got information of various section of Padghe HVDC Terminal Station.
    • AC Switchyard
    • DC Switchyard
    • Control Room
    • Safety Section

One of the Ex. Engineers elucidated the whole information about working of HVDC terminal Station, also explained HVDC Chandrapur to Padghe indication and control panel. After explanation students have visited to DC and AC Switchyard. Students were satisfied about the industrial visit at HVDC Terminal Station, MSETCL, Padghe, Mumbai 421101.