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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (PHCET), Rasayani arranged an Industrial Visit for students of third year mechanical engineering to:
Amptronics Techno Pvt. Ltd.
10-13 Arkose Industrial Estate, Khopoli Pen Road Village Dheku, Taluka-Khalapur, Sajgaon, Maharashtra 410203

Total Number of Students
Total Number of Faculty Members
Date of Visit
Industry Visited
22 Students
12th August, 2023
Amptronics Techno Pvt. Ltd.
10-13 Arkose Industrial Estate, Khopoli Pen Road Village Dheku, Taluka-Khalapur, Sajgaon, Maharashtra 410203

On 12th August, 2023, A group of 33 members (22 students and 11 faculty members) participated in this event.

Amptronics Techno Pvt. Ltd.

Amptronics Techno Pvt. Ltd. have prominent Technical Mechanical, Metallurgist, Electrical, Civil and Structural expertise to provide complete system engineering and services covered with all disciplines of engineering. Company have successfully installed several Metallurgical Plants in India and conducted several projects abroad too. Company has its business presence in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of MSS Converters (AOD), Trunky Project, Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF), Ladle, FES, Oxygen Plant & Utilities. Students and faculty members had detailed interaction with industry person and could get recent trends and advancement in the sector of steel, aluminium recycling, as well as processes and equipments used in such processes were explained to students and faculty.

Company offers Steel Plant Equipment with wide range of Products which are MSS Converters and Ladle Refining Furnace, Gas Mixing Stations, Automatic Argon Purging System Semi-Auto Panel, Fully Automatic PLC Panel, Flow Control Valves and Brick Cutting Machines etc.

MSS Converters
The offered range of MSS converters is known for developing stainless steel. The offered range is applicable in process, which is known for producing cleaner steel with homogeneous chemical composition coupled along with efficient metallurgical tools.

Company offers range of MSS converter semi-auto panels is available in different customized specifications to comprehend and meet the diverse requirements of clients. Panel is totally enclosed Desk mimic type. Panel has separate incoming section and module compartments with door interlock. Component and instruments layout in individual modules is spacious with adequate clearance for ease of operation and maintenance. Cooling arrangement such as louvers and fan at rear and sides is available. Cable entry is from bottom. Earth bus bar provided both side of panel. There is separate compartment for computer / PLC.

Company also makes MSS Converter with Fume Extraction System (FES). The offered range of MSS converter with FES is designed & developed utilizing high grade raw material and modern machinery in strict conformation with the international quality norms. Along with this, the offered range of MSS converter with FES is highly acclaimed among the clients for its durability and reliability.

Fuel Extraction Systems
Operation principal

  • An internal baffle distributes the dirty air within the housing. Dust laden air slows down as it enters the collector
  • Coarser dust particles drop into the hopper & hopper disposes through Rotary Air Lock
  • The air dirty passes through the bags, dust is captured and collected on the bag exterior
  • Filtered clean air flows to the clean air chamber and exhausts through outlet
  • Periodic compressed air pulsing removes accumulated dust from the bags with cleaning frequency and duration adjusted by solid-state timers or PLC
  • Dust laden air enters the Dust collector through the hopper or casing depending upon application

Laddle Furnace
The ladle furnace is put on LF refining position as soon as tapping from electrical arc furnace is done. Executed via RC heating and argon blowing, the LF refining process possesses different procedures such as steel deoxidization, desulfurization, the adjustment of steel temperature and chemical composition. When no vacuum function is left in LF, at this initial stage, the room of vacuum device may be obligated in LF zone for future development. The ladle also possesses qualified liquid steel, which is hoisted to a ladle rotator of continuous casting machine. Then, this liquid steel taps from the base of the receiving ladle to tune dish, after that, it drops down into crystallizer to cast into bloom. The blooms are straightened and are cut in different set dimensions, after which these are sent to cooling bed through a roller table. This makes it a qualified and finished bloom.