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CSI PHCET organized a hands on workshop ‘GRAPHICON’ on 21st August, 2023 (Monday). Our objective for organizing this event was to let the students of second year know about the CSI, it is usefulness and benefits to the students of all Engineering branches. Around 130 students attended this session. Along with this there was a hands on session conduct by CSI PHCET’s Graphic Designers “Shivam Modhave” & “Himansu Sahoo”. They gave a brief explanation about the platforms & techniques importance that are used in graphics designing, importance & career options in it, and many more. Students were taught the basics of Canva and Adobe softwares. They were informed about the minute details of a poster and how to overcome it.

Event Name
21st August, 2023
2:30 p.m.
Conclave 1
Computer Engineering

The basics of graphic designing like hierarchy, typography, alignment, color theory and composition were introduced during the event. Himansu Sahoo began the introduction by giving a walkthrough through various Adobe softwares used for editing work. Some of them being Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. Shivam Modhave continued the event by giving a small task of creating a poster for the hands-on experience of the audience. During the event he continued with the explanation of importance of various designing aspects. They both also helped improve the posters created by the students. The students were greatly inspired to give more attention to detail for their future college works.

As it was the time for new Core Committee to come in action there was interview conducted for the various positions according to the requirement of the PHCET CSI Student Branch and a new Core team was on boarded.