Hands on Training Program on “Electrical Machines”

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Date: 18th March, 2023
Venue: Electrical machine lab
Co-ordinator: Prof. Supriya Shigwan

The hands-on training program on Electrical machines was organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering and it commenced at 10:00 a.m. on 18th March, 2023 in the Machine Lab, PHCET. Prof. Supriya Shigwan introduced the speaker Mr. R. D. More, M.E. in Electrical Engineering having vast experience in the field. The Head of the Department, Ms. Pranita Chavan felicitated the speaker.

The speaker discussed fundamental concepts of electric machines together with several solved examples. He explained speed control techniques , need of starter and applications of different types of machines so that an appropriate selection of a machine can be made for a given application. He also discussed the operation , speed torque characteristics and control procedure for different types of motor. He discussed basic principles, modeling, and operating characteristics of various types of conventional DC and AC machines, special purpose machines, and transformers. He explained the advantages of BLDC motors and PMSM over induction motor & DC motors.

The session concluded with a question answer session. There were around 9 participants for the Electrical machine workshop. A feedback session was taken from all the participants.