Sangeetha Rajagopal

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Sangeetha Rajagopal

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Department


  • Ph.D. Pursuing: Karpagam University, Tamil Nadu
  • M.E. 2006: Anna University in Applied Electronics Engineering
  • B.E. 2003: Madras University in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Machines, Controls System, Digital Signal Processing

Important Publications

  • Sangeetha Rajagopal, "Detecting Packet Dropping in presence of attacks in wireless Ad-HOC Network" International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Volume 10, pp. 8917-8921,2015
  • Sangeetha Rajagopal, Pournami Maheshwaran, "A Scheme for Detecting the Types of Misbehavior and Identifying the Attacks using Reputation Mechanism in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network" IEEE International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES 2016), Coimbatore, 21st October, 2016
  • Sangeetha Rajagopal, Pournami Maheshwaran, "Detection of Attackers by Trusted Contact Based Watchdogs and Mitigation through Co-operative Voting in a Mobile Ad-Hoc Network" in IJIRSET, Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2016
  • Sangeetha Rajagopal, Sachin Y. Gorivale, "Circularly Polarized Micro Strip Patch Antenna with Shorting Pin for Wimax Applications" International Journal of Engineering Research & Management Technology Volume-4, Issue-2, March 2017

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