Rajashree Tukaram Gadhave

Rajashree Tukaram Gadhave

Faculty of Computer Engineering Department


  • M.E. 2013: MGM’s College of Engineering in Computer Engineering
  • B.E. 2008: St. Francis Institute of Technology in Computer Engineering


Image Processing, Computer Network, Data Structure, Structured Programming Approach, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Analysis of Algorithm, Theoretical Computer Science

Important Publications

  • Presented a paper titled “Detecting Number of Drift Objects in Packed Surroundings with Coherent motion region” at IJIRD International Journal of Innovative Research & Development March issue, 2013.
  • Presented a paper titled “Tracking eyes and Detecting Eye Gaze using Single Camera System” at International Conference on Web Engineering Technologies (ICWET-2012) organized by “Thakur College of Engineering”, Kandivli on 20th February 2012.
  • Presented a paper titled “Counting Number of Drift Objects in Packed Surrounding with Coherent motion region”at International Conference on Recent Technologies (i-CORT 2012) organized by “Institute of Knowledge – College of Engineering”, Shikrapur, Pune on 10th February 2012

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