Pooja Anant Pemare

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Pooja Anant Pemare

Faculty of Computer Engineering Department


  • M.E. (CNIS): Pillai HOC college of Engineering and Technology
  • B.E. 2015: Dilkap Research Institute of Engineering and Management Studies


Network Programming Laboratory, Object Oriented Programming Methodology, Network threats and Attacks Laboratory, Parallel and Distributed Systems, ERP and Supply Chain Management, Computer Network, Web Technologies Laboratory

Important Publications

  • "An Overview of Network Security Tools - Firewall, Intrusion Detection System and Honeypot", March 2016, Published in International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Science and Engineering
  • "Prediction based on Trigulation in AD-HOC Wireless Network", May 2017, Published in International Journal of Science and Innovative Engineering Technology (IJSIET)
  • "Prediction based on Trigulation in Common Adhoc Wireless Sensor Network", March - April 2017, Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development
  • "Prediction based on Trigulation in Wireless Sensor Nodes", May - June 2018, Published in International Journal of Management, Technology and Engineering

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