Dr. Kalyana K. Sundaram

Dr. Kalyana K. Sundaram

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department


  • Ph.D. 2000: Mechanical Engieering, Nuclear Waste Management, Florida International University Miami Florida, USA
  • M.E. 1991: Mechanical Engineering Heat and Power, Pune University (SPPU) COEP Government College of Engineering, Pune, India
  • B.Tech. 1986: Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi 835215, India

Research and Consultancy

  • Shelf Life Estimation, Foldable Telescopic Compacted Assemblies, DFMA Cost Reduction, Redundancy Reductions, Biomedical Device Development Foldable Toilets and Septic Tanks, Food Agro Machinery, Ergonomics, IPR (Techno Legal Support for Patenting and Refuting objections resolutions), Invention Market Potential Assessment


Manufacturing Engineering Practice, Material Technology, Project Management, Business Canvas, Campus Recruitments, Buss Communication, IC Engines

Important Publications

  • S. B. Ingole, K. K. Sundaram, "Experimental Average Nusselt Number Characteristics with Inclined Non-confined Jet Impingement of Air for Cooling Application, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 77, 124-131, 2016
  • S. Moosavi, R. Desai, S. Hallaj, K. K. Sundaram, V. S. Hegde, "Ergonomic Analysis to Study the Intensity of MSDs among Practicing Indian Dentists, Procedia Manufacturing 3", 5419-5426, 2015
  • A. A. Bhosale, K. K. Sundaram, "Nondestructive Method for Ripening Prediction of Papaya, Procedia Technology 19", 623-630, 2015
  • S. B. Ingole, K. K. Sundaram, "Heat Transfer Enhancement Factor Characteristics for Collective Cooling using Inclined Air Jet", Electronics Packaging and Technology Conference (EPTC), 2015 IEEE 17th, 1-6, 2015
  • K. K. Sundaram, A. A. Bhosale, "Nondestructive Method for Ripening Prediction of Papaya, Procedia Technology 19", 2015
  • A. A. Bhosale, K. K. Sundaram, "Firmness Prediction of the Apple Using Capacitance Measurement, Procedia Technology 12", 163-167, 2014


  • Foldable Helmet
  • Combo Stand
  • Patient Transfer Table
  • Design and Utility

Awards and Recognitions

  • Automated PakkodaBhajji Machine
  • Patient Transfer Table
  • Foldable Helmets
  • Worked on over 78 projects of funded commercial / research interest and Guided 4 PhD students

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