Babita V. Bhagat

Babita V. Bhagat

Faculty of Computer Engineering Department


  • Ph.D. (Register 2014): Gitam Institute of Technology and Management in Computer Science & Engineering
  • M.Tech. 2012: Karnataka State Open University in Information Technology
  • B.E. 2005: North Maharashtra University in Computer Engineering


Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Unified Modeling Language, Computer Networks, System Programming & Compiler Construction, Structure Programming Approach

Important Publications

  • "Workflow Scheduling under Secure Cloud Environment using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization with Scout Adaptation" at IJMSSC-D-16-0086, Scopas Index
  • "Emphasis on Cloud Optimization and Security Gaps: A Literature Review", Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Volume 17, No 3, Print ISSN: 1311-9702; Online ISSN: 1314-4081 DOI: 10.1515/cait-2017-0037
  • "Techniques of Privacy Preserving in Data Mining" at IRJET on October 2015
  • "Fast Selection in Clusters for high Dimensional Data" at ICAST-2015, Kharghar
  • "Run time public auditing in Cloud Computing Using Protocol Blocker for Privacy Preservation" at IJERT, Pune

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