Faculty Seminar Series 2020 – Mechanical Engg.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering organized Faculty Seminar Series 11th to 18th May, 2020. All the faculty members presented topics from their interest and shared their views on the topic. Faculty Seminar Series conducted using Google meet. Topics presented by the faculty members are as follow:

Name of FacultyTopic
Mr. Suhas UthaleMechanical Characterization of neat epoxy resin and it's failure analysis using FEA
Mr. S. N. KadamMathematical Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical and Robotic Systems
Mr. Prabhu GanacharyaUnderstanding Limbs of Meditation
Mr. TRB Sanjai KumarAdvanced EXCEL functions
Mr. Swapnil Nawale5S at Workplace to Improve Productivity
Mr. Rahul WarghanePrivatization of Education and it's Effect on Indian Society Growth
Mr. Shashi BhushanIntroduction to Self-Driving Cars
Ms. Ashwini KadamBasics of FEA and overview on ANSYS
Mr. Pravin Dahalke4 D Printing : A Technology Coming from Future
Mr. Anish ShivrajanSolar Energy Basics
Ms. Sayali KulkarniSingle Minute Exchange of Die
Mr. Atul JadeSurface Finish
Mr. George JosephGreen Manufacturing
Mr. Manoj JadhavAcoustic Materials and Metamaterials
Mr. Hemant PatilSmart Cities: Role of Digitalization, Introduction to Smart Urban Energy Systems
Mr. Aditya ShindeDragon vs Tiger (China vs India) Comparison
Mr. Datta WaksheBasics and Overview of HVAC Industry
Mr. Sunilsing RajputGeothermal Energy - A Clean Source of Energy for 21st Century
Mr. Abhijeet AurangabadkarIntroduction to Welding Process and Types of Welding
Mr. Ajay PillaiCorrosion and it's Types