ACM Student Chapter Inauguration Ceremony

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The Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology held Inaugural Ceremony of PHCET Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student Chapter and Hacker’s Palace event on Wednesday, 15th March, 2018. The inaugural ceremony started with a warm welcome of the dignitaries. The dignitaries included Dr. Chelpa Lingam (Principal), Dr. Joseph Mathew, Mrs. Munawira Kotyad Pillai, Dr. Ashok Kanthe (HOD-Comp) and all the HODs of Other Departments.

15th March, 2018
Computer Engineering

After the introduction, All the dignitaries kindled the lamp following the launching of ACM Student Chapter Banner. Then It followed by the felicitation and motivational speech of all the dignitaries present at the event. The technical video regarding the history of ACM around the world was displayed by Balaji Naidu (Vice chairperson of ACM EXECOM) followed by exploration of ACM website by Shrikant and Aritra (Treasurer of ACM EXECOM). After this the interaction to the member of ACM Committee was done by Biswaranjan Maharana (Chairperson of ACM EXECOM).

At the end of the ceremony, Ms. Rajashree Gadhave (ACM Coordinator) gave vote of thanks to the dignitaries for special guidelines regarding ACM Student Chapter.